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Beijing Design Week 2013 – New Gen Design Exhibition


Organizer:      University’s Creation Park of China Education Television Network;

                      Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group

Date:              2013/09/28 - 2013/10/06

Venue:            Creative Mall, 706 North First Street, Beijing 798 Art Zone


The exhibition was part of the Beijing Design Week 2013, and also a platform to bring to view the works by design students and emerging designers. Standing as sentry to the venue is the 5-metre Tian Tian statue created by Danny Yung. Also on exhibition are more than 100 12-cm Tian Tian figurines co-created by cross-media artists/designers.


The exhibition drew nearly 500 arts colleges to participate, including colleges from the UK, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in addition to 8 major arts academies in mainland China. Director of Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee Zeng Hui, curator Prof. Ding Zhaochen of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, creator of Tian Tian Xiang Shang conceptual comics Danny Yung, and renowned Spanish designer Lia Vilahur all joined the opening ceremony.

On the opening, as many as 800 people participated in recreating the Tian Tian figurines, including children from the Sunflower Arts Troupe, volunteers from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, as well as established designers and celebrities.

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