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X-Xperimenting Exhibition
Danny Yung 50 Year Creations

The exhibition is a re-construction and re-imagination of some of Danny’s classic works of art.Tian Tian Xiang Shang, a large-scale flower plaque bamboo installation, which was exhibited at the National Mall in Washington, DC, US; and Tian Tian Xiang Shang conceptual comics and figurines, which were co-created and exhibited in Europe, America and Asia.

Renowned designer Freeman Lau, Zuni’s Co-Artistic Director cum Executive Director Mathias Woo, and Zuni’s International Exchange Director Wong Yue-wai are the guest curators of the exhibition. On display will be Danny’s visions and contributions in various areas, including cross-media and experimental art, visual and performing arts, art criticism, cultural advocacy, and the preservation and development of traditional craftsmanship.

Highlight exhibits include the “Video Circle” installation project that Yung created in 1996, and the “Tian Tian” figurines designed by people from different backgrounds whom Yung invited as part of his collaborative project. Also featured is “GATEWAY – Flower Plaque Secret Garden”, a large-scale flower plaque bamboo installation that combines traditional bamboo scaffolding and flower plaque crafting techniques of Hong Kong.

“Tian Tian Xiang Shang”, conceptual comics that Yung started creating in the 1970s are exhibited on the glass wall surrounded the “GATEWAY – Flower Plaque Secret Garden”, visitors can also see through the peeking lines designed on glass wall for more marvellous artworks created by Yung.

Organiser:  Leisure and Cultural Services Department & Zuni Icosahedron

Date:          2021/11/17 - 2022/08/01

Veune:        Hong Kong Heritage Museum

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