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Tian Tian Xiang Shang: Happy Year of the Pig

Year of the Pig Vision
The Tian Tian Xiang Shang (TTXS) spirit of creativity is a symbol of Hong Kong culture in its versatile, open, participatory, diverse and trans-frontier uniqueness. Building a platform for transgenerational, transcultural and transregional collaborations on experimental creative exchange is the key infrastructure for the culture of Hong Kong. With a knowledge-based repository, we can then work together using cultural perspectives to find creative solutions to break the spell cast upon Hong Kong's social, political and economic dimensions in issues such as town planning, education and environmental protection.    

Having the 12 Chinese Zodiac TTs created by different personalities of Hong Kong and then having them displayed in different cities/cultures is one of the manifestations of the above spirit in the context of cultural exchange. Let's see how you would relate them in your culture.

Workshop for the community was held on 2019/02/08-10.

Organizer:  Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Zuni Icosahedron

Date:          2019/02/05-24

Venue:        Bangkok Art And Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

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